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Contact Page

You are welcome to listen to sound on this site, and/or download audio, burn audio/video onto CDs, and/or copy text from this site for use in newsletters, announcements, etc. Additionally, you are welcome to link your own websites to this website, or to a particular story on the website you would like to feature for your users.We do request, however, that whenever possible, you include the logos for the KGNU-Lavida project on any website link.

To Order Audio CDs or DVDs:

The cost is $12, including mailing.Copies after the first one will be $10.00 per copy.You can mail your orders to us, with a check  Or use “Feedback” link for order CDs. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone number, the title of the Program you want copied.We will assume you want an audio CD in English. If you want a DVD, or a CD in Spanish, be sure to tell us that as well.

To order CD/DVDs or to provide Feedback:

Email us:

Write us:   

Shelley Schlender - KGNU-LaVida
4700 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80303

Download our logo:

To download one of our logos for use as a link on your web site, right click your mouse over the image you want. SelectSave Image As from your menu.

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