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Balance Point Health - High Fat, High Vegetable, Adequate Protein, No Grain, Low Dairy

Theme: Health and Medical Research
Air Date: 2/8/08
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: Binx Selby tells how he reduced his cholesterol levels dramatically with a High Fat, High Vegetable, Adequate Protein, No Grain, Low Dairy Diet

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Host Intro: News reports about potential problems with cholesterol lowering drugs have many people concerned.  Up next, we talk with Boulder entrepreneur Binx Selby and his wife, Linda Jade Fong, about a dietary approach to cholestorol reduction called, "The Balance Point Health" program.  It's lowering cholesterol for many people by over 50 points, in just 2 weeks.  We'll also talk with medical experts and scientists about cholesterol lowering drugs, including Endocrinologist Mel Stjernholm, Medical Doctor John O'Hearne, and Paleolithic Diet expert Loren Cordain.  Music by Raymond Scott.

Groups Featured in this report include:
Loren Cordain,

Balance Point Health, 303-415-9000,
John O'Hearne M.D., 720-406-7581,
Boulder Endocrinology Associates, 303-444-2015,

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 Healthy Heart Talks from Balance Point  2/11/08

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