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"I would love nothing more than to sit out on my deck and have a whole pack of cigarettes."

Quitline Episode 3:  Five Days after Quit Day

Theme: Smoking
Air Date: 9/28/05
Producer: Janaki LeFils
Description: Quitline counselor Diego gives Kim many pointers about what to expect and how to cope with withdrawal symptoms.  Still, Kim struggles, five days after "Quit Date."


Host Intro: Smoking-related illnesses currently cost Colorado one billion dollars a year in health care expenses, but smoking is one of the toughest addictions to kick.  This week, KGNU's Janaki LeFils is documenting one woman's struggles to quit smoking, named Kim.  Kim is getting support in her smoking cessation efforts from the free telephone counseling service, the Colorado Quitline.  How's she doing?  Let's listen in.

Groups Featured in this report include: Colorado Quitline, 1-800-639-7848,

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Full Text:

[musical introduction]
Narrator: We?ve been listening in to Kim?s struggles to quit smoking. She?s getting assistance from a free telephone counseling service, the Colorado Quitline, where she?s been talking with Diego de Santiago. Kim has called Diego several times now for advice and support in her efforts to kick the habit. Now it?s five days after her official quit date. The symptoms of withdrawal from tobacco are kicking in for Kim, and as Diego said might happen, she?s feeling a little depressed.

Kim: Hello. Day five. Actually, I?m exactly at day five. 9:24 p.m., I think that?s when I quit on Friday night. This I think has been the hardest day. Saturday was really hard. I think I was a little more aggressive, but today I was just outright?oh, sad and emotional. I couldn?t sleep at all. So I was kind of up a lot, tossing and turning. True to Diego?s word, I had dreams about cigarettes, long ones, short ones, fat ones, whatever. Lots of different people. So I came home tonight and I was very sad and incredibly missed having that cigarette companionship on the way home. And then having that to come home to. I just felt this loneliness from not having that cigarette to be my companion. After I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and blew my nose and sobbed some more, I finally got it together to take Leila for a run. It actually felt really great to be out running. I didn?t have any burning, any shortness of breath, any of that horrible feeling in my lungs from trying to breathe through tar.

Narrator: Fortunately for Kim, she is feeling some of the positive effects of quitting after just five days. In a phone session with Diego, he reminds her that the body responds quickly in many ways to being tobacco-free.

Diego: You know, the body?s an amazing thing. If we just give it a chance to heal up, just within twenty minutes after you quit, pulse rate, blood pressure decrease. In two to three days your sense of smell and taste will improve. And also if you?ve ever suffered from cold hands, cold feet, you?ll notice circulation improve just within a year. Within a year, the chances for a heart attack are down by fifty percent. So there?s a lot of good benefits to look forward to.

Narrator: As they talk, Diego lets Kim know that she can call the Quitline at the spur of the moment if she needs to. Nevertheless, Kim is riding a roller coaster of emotions by the evening of her fifth day, going from depressed to hopeful to anxious.

Kim: So it?s the power of positive thinking. I?m healthy. I am healthy. I?m going to be healthier. I?m going to work out. I?m going to be the healthiest I?ve ever been. Eat right, sleep, exercise and all that good stuff, eat vitamins, eat antioxidants, eat flax seed, live pure and clean and drink lots of clean, pure water. Eat right, sleep, exercise and all that good stuff, eat vitamins, eat antioxidants, eat flax seed, live pure and clean and drink lots of clean, pure water. So I have to make it at least until Sunday, and that?s ten days, so I can have a big celebration on Sunday without a cigarette, if I can make it.

Narrator: Well, as we can hear, that longing for a smoke, for the company of an old friend, doesn?t just go away right away. Will Kim be able to celebrate quitting for ten days? You can find out on KGNU.

(music out)

[Transcription prepared by Sandy Adler, Adler Enterprises LLC, Lafayette, Colorado]

HOST OUTRO:  For more information about the Colorado Quitline, call 1 800 QUIT NOW,  or 1-800-639-7848) or check out the website by putting ColoradoQuitline into your web browser.  Thanks to Janaki LeFils for that report.  

This program is made possible through Sound Partners for Community Health, a project of the Benton Foundation, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.