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"Just kind of fidgety.  I'm feeling kind of fidgety . . . "

Quitline Episode 4:  Seven Days After Quit Day

Theme: Smoking
Air Date: 9/29/05
Producer: Janaki LeFils
Description: Seven days after her official "Quit Date," things are looking up for Kim, but as Quitline counselor Diego DeSantiago has warned, there are still many "triggers."


Host Intro: For many who smoke, smoking controls their lives.
They may have tried to quit several times, but each time returned to smoking. As Mark Twain said, "Quitting is Easy - I've done it hundreds of times".  Actually, it often takes several tries to quit smoking for good, and each attempt increases your chances for success!  

This week, KGNU is partnering with the Colorado Quitline to bring you the story of Kim, a Boulder woman, and her process of quitting cigarettes.  Janaki LeFils brings us the 4th episode today, where Kim reports to Diego, her telephone counselor, that she has had a good first week.

Groups Featured in this report include: American Lung Association of Colorado, 1-800-LUNG-USA,
Colorado Quitline, 1-800-639-7848,

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Full Text:

[musical introduction]
Narrator: After tapering down for a few days with the help of phone counselor Diego de Santiago, Kim had her last cigarette on a Friday night a week ago. She has called Diego several times during the week when the going got tough for her. Today she talks with Diego about her seventh day smoke-free, and she certainly is sounding more upbeat than she was earlier in the week.

Kim: Hi, Diego.

Diego: Hello, how are you, Kim, how are you doing today?

Kim: Well, I?m doing fine. I feel good. I really miss my friend.

Diego: Yeah, you?re still having a little bit of a tough time with missing cigarettes?

Kim: Yeah, in some respects I feel like I?m fine. I?m on my seventh day.

Diego: Great! Well, that?s really good!

Kim: Yay!

Diego: Congratulations! Can you tell the difference now to when you first quit, the first couple of days, the first day or two?

Kim: Yeah, I think so. I think I?m feeling a little more settled, just kind of fidgety. I feel like I?m fidgety.

Diego: How?s your support coming?

Kim: Good! It?s been good. I think some people are afraid to ask me, like my family, if I?m still not smoking, because I?ve done this before and I?ve smoked. So I think they?re kind of ignoring it. I feel like it?s something that I have to do on my own, so I let people know but I don?t really talk about it.

Diego: Have you treated yourself for the great job you?re doing?

Kim: I don?t think there?s anything I?ve done that I?ve associated with a treat for not smoking. Maybe this weekend I?ll do something.

Diego: Tonight at 9:20 it?ll be seven days exactly. So maybe you can take yourself out to a nice dinner. If you were to think how much money you saved in one week of not smoking, that can probably cover the dinner?and dessert, too. (laughs) So definitely do treat yourself. Any physical changes you?ve noticed?

Kim: Yeah, I mean, I feel energetic. This is kind of a physical question. Am I going to ever be able to go to the bathroom again?

Diego: Yes. That is one of the things that people do encounter once they quit. It?s just your system readjusting. It should be roughly?probably within the next couple of days you should be OK.

Kim: I have a lot of pressure on myself right now, to be bigger than that cigarette. Another week and I?ll be tar- and chemical-free. If I can get through to Sunday night, it will be my longest attempt.

Narrator: Well, Kim did make it to Sunday, and now we catch her on her twelfth day smoke-free, where she speaks about some of those difficult moments.

Kim: Wow, OK, this is day twelve, I?m almost through. Triggers, triggers, triggers, triggers, they?re everywhere. I?m working late, and that?s always, always a time when I would enjoy a couple of cigarettes outside on the smokers? lounge. When I attend a certain meeting of the organization for which I am employed, following that meeting, it has always been a time of cigarette consumption. So I pretty much handled that the other night just by crying for half an hour. That helped relieve some emotional stress. Another trigger for me has been a relationship that I?m in and some of the struggles that have been part of that relationship. So it?s been in some respects easy. I did see a gentleman in the parking lot today where I work who was smoking a cigarette, and I almost mugged him. It was this instantaneous response to his being there, smoking a cigarette. It looked beautiful. It looked relaxing and inviting. It was just a wild moment?but I didn?t do that.

Narrator: Cigarettes are still looking good after twelve days. In our final episode, we?ll hear from Kim after six weeks and find out whether she?s been able to stay smoke-free. Then Kim and Diego will join us in the studio for their last counseling session. So tune your dial to KGNU.

(music out)

[Transcription prepared by Sandy Adler, Adler Enterprises LLC, Lafayette, Colorado]

HOST OUTRO:  For more information about the Colorado Quitline, you can call 1-800-QUIT NOW, or 303-639-7848, or check out the website by putting Colorado Quitline into your web browser.  Thanks to Janaki LeFils for that report.  

This program is made possible through Sound Partners for Community Health, a project of the Benton Foundation, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.