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Journalist, mother and teacher Beth Finke with her guide dog.

Long Time, No See

Theme: Community Health
Air Date: 11/12/05
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: Beth Finke talks about her book, Long Time, No See, about the experience of becoming blind.


Host Intro: When Beth Finke was 25, she started seeing spots before her eyes.  Within months, it was clear that she was going blind.  At first, this was devastating.  But Beth says that, as she worked to regain her sense of self, and worked with her disability, she gained wisdom.  Now a journalist, teacher, and mother, she also the author of a book, Long Time No See.  She spoke about her experiences at a University of Colorado conference for professionals who work to create computer tools and other ways to assist people with disabilities, whether the disability is being hard of hearing, trouble getting around, or trouble seeing.  Now, here?s Beth Finke, speaking at CU?s Assistive Technologies Conference.

Groups Featured in this report include: Beth Finke,

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