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"Day of the Dead" sugar skull.  What about sugar, stress and real brains?

Sugar, Stress and Health

Theme: Nutrition Think Tank
Air Date: 12/22/05
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: Four experts discuss how stress can increase chronic health risks, including risky lifestyle choices, and how a healthy diet and stress management training can improve health.


Host Intro: Four experts discuss how diet and stress can determine whether or not a person is healthy or sick.  The experts are Mary Vernon, MD, author of the Atkins Diabetes Revolution, Ron Rosedale, MD, author of The Rosedale Diet, Bob Scaer, MD, author of The Trauma Spectrum and Marcus Kurek, director of the Boulder Center for Pain and Trauma Recovery.  What follows is a discussion about the hormonal mechanisms of disease, the ways people "self-medicate" to avoid their feelings of stress, and how to help people heal.  Moderated by Shelley Schlender, with a focus on these questions:

* What are the mechanisms of how trauma and stress increase disease?
* What are signs that stress is blocking healthy choices?
* How can a person suffering from trauma move beyond it?
* How can a healthier diet improve a person's ability to deal with stress?
* How can a healthier diet improve hormone signaling?

Groups Featured in this report include: Rosedale Advanced Metabolic Labs, 720.859.4132,
Center for Pain and Trauma Recovery, (303) 444-8399
American Society of Bariatric Physicians, 303.770.2526,
Bob Scaer,
Nutrition & Metabolism Society,

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