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The award-winning low-rider, "El Fuerte Sinaloa" at Quiroz Autobody shop in Longmont.

Low Rider Cars

Theme: Teen Life
Air Date: 8/18/06
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: KGNU Youth Radio Volunteers Aaron and Adrianna Hernandez visit an autbody shop that works on lowrider cars.


Host Intro: Lowriders are regular cars that have been customized with fancy hydraulics, so they can ride low to the ground or rear up, on their back wheels.  Artisans sometimes paint these cars in beautiful, candy colors.  They're especially popular in the Latino Community, where the artform of the Low Rider  began.  Up next, KGNU Youth Radio volunteers Aaron and Adrianna Herndandez visit an award-winning auto body shop in Longmont, where the owner, Alberto Quiroz (Al-BERT-toe kee-ROSE) shows them some of his finest lowriders.

HOST OUTRO:  There are many lowrider clubs in the Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado.  Thanks to Shelley Schlender for her assistance to Aaron and Adrianna in producing this report.

Groups Featured in this report include:

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