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Cholesterol Reduction from 14 days on Binx Selby and Linda Jade Fong's Balance Point Health Program.

Heart Health - Binx Selby

Theme: Health and Medical Research
Air Date: 2/7/08
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: Binx Selby explains how he "invented" a diet to reduce his cholesterol levels and stay off of statin drug.  Extended interview.


Host Intro: This is an unbroadcast interview with Boulder inventor, Binx Selby, and his wife, Linda Jade Fong, about the Balance Point Health system they have developed to dramatically reduce cholesterol levels in just 14 days, along with creating a number of other health gains.

Excerpts from this interview have been used in the broadcast story, "Cholesterol Medication Alternatives."

Groups Featured in this report include: Balance Point Health, 303-415-9000,

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