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Endocrinologists, such as Mel Sternholm, study endocrine organs such as the pancreas.

Heart Health - Mel Stjernholm

Theme: Health and Medical Research
Air Date: 2/7/08
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: Endocrinologist Mel Stjernholm discusses treatment options for high cholesterol and heart disease risk.


Host Intro: This is an unbroadcast interview with Boulder endocrinologist, Mel Stjernholm, about ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, including the standard of care treatment in most practices, which is cholesterol medications, plus dietary approaches that may deserve a closer look.  Mel Stjernholm is the former president of the Boulder County Medical Society.

Excerpts from this interview have been used in the broadcast story, "Cholesterol Medication Alternatives."

Groups Featured in this report include: Boulder Endocrinology Associates, 303-444-2015,

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