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Tobacco Tax Bill Battle

Theme: Healthcare Cutbacks
Air Date: 3/7/05
Producer: David Wilson
Description: Colorado Legislators battle over how to spend tobacco tax revenues


Host Intro: (SHOW LENGTH:  APPROX 5 MINUTES) Last November, Colorado voters overwhelming supported increasing the tax on tobacco through Amendment 35. The tax will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars that is supposed to go towards health care programs. Almost half the money would help expand the state's medicaid programs. The rest is divided about equally between disease prevention, community health care clinics, and tobacco education. On Wednesday morning this week, the house health and human services will take a second look at a laundry list of competing bills that all believe they know how best to spend the new tobacco tax dollars to help improve the health of many Coloradoans. David Wilson has an overview.

Groups Featured in this report include: Weld County Health Tobacco, 970-304-6420 x 2385,

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