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Lisa Rohleder's "Working Class Acupuncture" clinic in Portland, Oregon.

Working Class Acupuncture

Theme: Community Health
Air Date: 5/25/05
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Description: Community Acupuncture Clinics help make treatments more affordable, and here, we offer an extended interview with Lisa Rohleder, founder of Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon


Host Intro: (PROGRAM LENGHT APPROX 29 MINUTES) While Acupuncture is "The People's Medicine" in China, in the United States, it's often a "boutique medicine," which is too expensive for the average person to use frequently.  But some innovative clinic directors are working to change that, with community acupuncture clinics that provide more affordable treatments in group settings.  In this half-hour show, we feature Boulder's Community Acupuncture Clinic, followed by an extended interview with Lisa Rohleder, founder of Window of the Sky, which provides what she calls ?Working Class Acupuncture? for people in Portland, Oregon.  At more conventional U-S clinics, she says that limited treatment space, coupled with high treatment costs, mean that many acupuncturists see fewer than 20 clients a week.   Lisa occasionally sees nearly 80, people who are so satisfied that they often pay for further treatment.

Groups Featured in this report include: Working Class Acupuncture Resource Center, 503.335.9440,
Community Acupuncture Clinic--Boulder, 303-447-0443,

Full Text:

You can reach the Community Acupuncture Clinic at 2825 Marine Street in Boulder, 303-447-0443.   Schools such as Southwest Acupuncture College that train acupuncturists often have teaching clinics where people can go for lower cost treatments.  And Lisa Rohleder has just started a non-profit group to teach others in her profession how they can do Working Class Acupuncture.  For information, check the website,